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Read below to see what my clients have to say about our services!

I met Stefan during an open house in the Los Gatos Mountains. What caught my eye was that he had this immaculately organized display laid out on the counter, of listings of neighboring homes on sale by other realtors along with their comparative sales data. Clearly a meticulous and well organized individual who was not afraid of his competition, I thought! And I was correct. Though it should have been hardly surprising considering he is quite the German perfectionist in his habits plus he is an ex-CEO to boot.

Stefan spent the next 6 months with us, taking us to visit homes almost every weekend, sometimes twice or thrice every week, looking for a home which met our requirements. He is extremely well organized, extremely patient and very upfront and honest. Due to the crazy seller's market right now, a lot of agents pressure their clients to write risky offers with no contingencies and other dodgy practices. Stefan on the other hand, was very clear that he did not approve of such practices and would never advise any of his clients to do such things. And when the time finally came to close on a house, he was there every step of the way and went beyond the call of duty to ensure everything went smoothly.

I would very highly recommend him. If you are looking for a meticulously organized, top notch realtor who pays attention to detail and always keeps your best interests in mind, you cannot go wrong with Stefan.
Raja Bose 
-Raja Bose


As a testimony to my enthusiasm, I had to add Stefan to Yelp so I could recommend him! We were referred to Stefan through a friend and boy, did we luck out. We have had some dim ones in the past, and we are pretty actively engaged project managers, so picking the right agent to drive us through what is probably the most important decision of the next 20 years was critical.

Stefan is German - which means every single one of the 35 actions necessary to sell and then buy another house were presented to us exactly on time, with detailed, even painful accuracy. Stefan came out of the tech industry, so he put our paperwork online for us to sign, saving us many, many meetings and leaving a trail of documents that were delivered at the end in one disc.

During this process, Stefan acted as our counselor, our advocate, and our project manager. His advice was always sound, setting expectations along the way, and calming our frayed nerves during this short but stressful period. Just one example: Stefan walked through the house with me and told me what to change to stage it, which really made the house show well - resulting in a 7 day sale. We took his advice on making the offer on the next house, and walked calmly through what could have been a disaster as the other side had issues.

In fact, about 3 weeks in, we realized what a professional we were working with in Stefan, so we started just taking his advice right and left - a very new approach for us. Bottom line: I highly recommend Stefan for any real estate transaction, including both commercial and residential.

Richard & Barbara
-Barbara Sullivan

Stefan concurrently sold our old house and helped us buy a new one. It was a very tricky transaction overall, as I was not willing to sell if I didn't have a place to move to directly!

Stefan is efficient, calm, kind, creative and extremely good at what he does. I cannot imagine using anyone else. He is also very patient - we did not feel pushed to do what was not in our best interest.

We are now a year and a half in our new home and loving it!

Jill & Roger
-Jill & Roger Milton

After our children "left the nest", my wife and I decided to downsize. We consulted with Stefan and were impressed by his competent nature, organization and sensibility. With Stefan's assistance we found a satisfactory new home and sold our prior house, all within a few weeks. Despite the challenges involved with simultaneous closings in a compressed time window, Stefan successfully managed the complex and dynamic process and was in complete control. He was readily available and actively communicated every step of the way. I would recommend Stefan to anyone looking for a qualified, capable, no-nonsense agent. 

-Craig Berlinberg, MD

Hi < name deleted>,

As it looks like you may be coming down here again for a visit !  , it makes me think you are getting more attached to the area :-)

I know you're probably a long way off doing this, but I thought I should put you and Stefan in touch with each other. And I want to strongly recommend him to you for the reasons below.

I have to say that Stefan put our house on the market for more than I would have thought having talked to a few realtors (about 30k more), and 50 k more than our original realtor, who I think now, in retrospect just churned us on Uwe's house. Stefan got the asking price on a very nice offer, for which I shall be eternally grateful !

In addition he went *above and beyond* in sorting out our lien situation in time, literally the day before closing, not to allow it to screw up the sale, while we were already here in Austin. No other realtor wanted to touch this situation, just a “Well. you need to get rid of the lien first…”..even though it was an illegal lien !!!

Stefan , also showed us the quality of work in other houses being prepped for sale so we had a good idea of what we were paying for. Again , this was in sharp contrast to our previous Realtor, who managed it “all” except when we baulked at the gardening charge , and found our own guy, for 25% of what we were being offered. We ended up paying more to prep Uwe's house ,and it wasn't done well, than to prep mine , which was much larger. Our previous experienced realtor also managed to get the address wrong on the advertising mailing !!!!! Go figure.!

We had originally not wanted to use Stefan ,because he was a friend and we didn’t want to mix biz with friendship... call it a lesson learned now, on our side. So in that spirit of  ***friends really are there to help **** ! I want to pass on his contact info to you, and genuinely recommend him, as someone who will have your best interest at heart.

Stefan, I probably haven't said this as clearly as I should have till now , but I really appreciated your efforts on our behalf  and I would personally highly recommend you to any prospective clients. Do not hesitate to refer them to me for a reference. I wish now that we had sold both houses with you.

-Mary Duffy


I'm a licensed real estate agent and represented myself on the first two homes I purchased, but this is a different time and market. Choosing Stefan was one of the best decisions I've made. Stefan found two outstanding options - both before they were listed and on the market; and even more impressive, both were exactly what I had described to him as my dream home. He wasn't just trying to close a sale. I was also thrilled with how easy the process went. The inspections and paperwork were seamlessly managed. He even had a list of contractors and handymen to assist with several after-purchase construction projects. I can't say enough about Stefan and his professionalism. Five star recommendation! 

-Jay Belquist, EVP & CFO

Dear Stefan,

I really would like to thank you so much for the excellent service you have provided along with your professionalism and great market insight in helping with our recent property sale and 1031 exhange. Although we had student rentors and had planned to wait until they moved out in the summer, you suggested that we not wait, saying that the market is changing. We did not believe this at first, but trusted and went with your advice. Looking back, I am so glad that we did. We virtually sold at the peak for about 6 % more then what we had agreed in the listing contract and even more then what we expected. 


Since this was a 1031 exchange, we had to find a replacement property within a certain timeframe. You skillfully coached us through this process so we did not incur any tax liability. We also had several complicating factors that required quite a bit of hand holding throughout the process and you not only found a suitable property and negotiated a price of approximately 10% under market, but out money in our pocket because this property also came with the previous owners as renters. This met our needs perfectly as we did not loose a single day in rental income. Great job, Stefan!


I will highly recommend you to everybody in need for an honest and competent real estate agent. Please also do not hesitate to give my name and phone number if you need a reference in the future.


Let me offer my profuse thanks again and best regards,

         David B. Davis
-Dave Davis

Dear Stefan,

I wanted to thank you for helping us sell our house. Having two other places for sale in our complex, when we listed ours, made me nervous. So I was naturally very happy when ours was the first to sell and we were able to get what we wanted for the place. The whole process went much smother then I expected. 

If you should ever want to use me for a recommendation please feel free, your service was excellent, and I would be happy to recommend you.

Best Regards,

Eddy Hauck
-Eddy Hauck

Dear Stefan,

I would like to thank you for finding us this wonderful home. It is really the family's dream home. What I find most impressive is that you were able to figure out our particular and peculiar tastes by sampling just a few properties, and then found us the perfect fit. You were even able to get the house way below original list price, which was a most pleasant surprise on top.

Also the subsequent sale of our house went smooth and fast. Since I ended up in court with the sale of my very first house because of an oversight of my then realtor, I was very nervous. But your meticulous file handling and documentation prevented anything unpleasant, even though some unexpected challenges popped up.

So, thank you again, and I will highly recommend you to everybody in need for an honest and competent real estate agent. Please also do not hesitate to give my name and phone number if you need a reference.

Best regards

Dirk Seynhaeve

-Dirk Seynhave

Stefan is a person with high integrity, honesty, and reliability. He is straightforward and knows how to close a deal. He has very beneficial advice and will inform you of the details that you need to be aware of. I recommend Stefan to anyone who is looking to buy or sell property
-Edward Baluta


Dear Stefan,

I just received the check from the sale of the condo.  I want to thank you so much for your excellent advice and guidance through all of this.  You really knew the market, the right pricing and the right time for me to sell.  I was astonished at how quickly the condo sold and having several offers above the asking price was beyond my expectations.

Thanks also for tracking me down and keeping me updated as I drove across the country during the entire process.   This has been the most painless real estate transaction I have ever had!

I would highly recommend you as a realtor who really knows his stuff and takes care of his clients.

Best regards,

Joni Millavec

-Joni Millavec


We had a great buying experience with Stefan. Our family made a quick decision to purchase a house one weekend and were referred to Stefan for representation. He quickly provided a bidding strategy and helped us secure the home we wanted. During the entire closing process, Stefan also was on top of all documentation and requirements so it was clear what we needed to do when. I would absolutely recommend Stefan as someone's realtor.
-Don Monroe

I have worked with Stefan for many years. One of the biggest reasons we continue to work together is that I can see the genuine care he has for his clients. He is a master negotiator, understands his clients wants and needs and is a great listener. Once his clients have sealed the deal, he lays out the exact steps from the date they are in contract until he hands over the keys to their new home. And makes sure the process goes smoothly. His experience shines during the entire process!

-Chris Allen, Mortgage Planner


Last year I relocated from New York to this area and I was lucky to have Stefan as my buying agent. Since I was new to the area, I relied on Stefan’s professional knowledge and experience to guide me where and what we should be looking for.

At the time, there was very little inventory within my affordable price range. Stefan worked relentlessly and with his help we were able to find a lovely place where I now call home within two months.

I appreciated most about Stefan was that he prepared me at the beginning of our search that we need to move quickly if we found a property I like. He would provide his advice but he never once pressured me into my decision. For Stefan, it is not just a transaction; he cares and understands it is an important event whether his clients are buying or selling their home.

I would recommend Stefan's service highly to anyone!   
-Linh Lam